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Singleton design pattern in C#

Singleton design pattern ensure that only one instance of a class is created and accessed the members of that class globally through that one instance.

System.ValueTuple – Extended C# Tuples

The NuGet repository has an extended package System.ValueTuple which implement the underlying types for tuples in C# and Visual Basic.

Tuples in C# – Return more than one value from Method

Tuples are useful collection types they allow method to return more than one value. This is the improvement provided in c# version #7. Prior to this, a method is allows to return one value of any type.

C# Threading – Thread Class Constructors

The Thread class contains four constructors defined for specific purpose. Checkout ThreadStart and ParamaterizedThreadStart delegates in detail.

Visual Studio C# Code Snippet List

The post Visual Studio 2012 IDE versions have unique coding experience where developer can use the C# code snippet (usually called as short form of the code) typed will insert the common code constructs/fragments.

Visual Studio C# Code Snippets Overview

In this article, learn about one of the powerful feature by visual studio that boost your coding speed. The code snippets (usually called as short form of the code).

BlueScreenView – The BSOD MiniDump file viewer

BlueScreenView is a free diagnostics tools available which scan all mini dump (.dmp) files from the specified location and display the detailed crash information in one table. The tool is available for both 32bit and 64bit computers.

.NET Fiddle – A .Net Online Compiler

The .NET Fiddle is an very advanced online compiler or ready coding environment, that allow you to create run and share the code online with out having to install anything locally. The .NET Fiddle is restricted to run only .Net family programming ...

JDoodle Online Compiler And Editor

Online compiler are useful when you want to learn any programming language quickly. JDoodle is one of very popular online compiler that support 72 languages and 2 interactive database. Using JDoodle you can run piece of code snippets and see the ...

How to treat Warning as Error in Visual Studio during build

Visual Studio provides configuration settings where you can set warning messages as error. In this case all warning messages treated as errors and this makes developer to fix warning messages to make build successful.