dotPeak Free .NET Decompiler and Assembly Browser

dotPeak is a free standalone tool from JetBrains that decompile .NET assemblies into clean C# code or IL. This tool can decompile any .NET assembly into equivalent C# and optionally show the underlying IL code. IL code.

dotPeak Free .NET Decompiler and Assembly Browser:

The dotPeak decompile below list of files:

  • libraries (.dll), executables (.exe), Windows metadata files (.winmd)
  • A compiled XAML file (.baml) Binary XAML file.
  • dotPeek also open archives (.zip, .vsix, or .nupkg) and folders.
  • Load NuGet packages (and their dependencies)

dotPeak tool applications:

This tool is very helpful in below list of scenarios.

Lost source code:
Suppose, assume that you have .NET library (.dll) or .NET executable (.exe) for which the respective source code you have lost it. In this case, using this tool, you can decompile the respective .NET library (.dll) or executable (.exe) and get the code back. Further you can save this code as aa Visual Studio project (.csproj) file. Like this you can save lot of time to restore the lost source code from a legacy assembly and executable.

Cross check binary on demand:
dotPeak decompiler tool is very useful during any issue investigation to see the code modules directly from the deployed binaries. You can easily cross check with the decompiled binary source code and investigate the issue.

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