Installation package is not supported error


We often, receive an error message Installation package is not supported when trying install a software with Microsoft Installer (.msi) file and the installation could not be continued. In this article learn how to solve this problem.

What is the error?

Installation package is not supported:

This installation package is not supported by this process type. Contact your product vendor
Installation package is not supported error


The error message is displayed when you trying to install 64 bit machine compatible .msi package over 32 bit machine.

1. If you are a software developer, then you must choose the correct target platform in the package creation tool when you are creating .msi package.
2. If the ..msi package is delivered from any third party software vendors, then you can directly download the one which is compatible for your machine processor architecture from your vendor website either. Or you may need to request the same if not available in their website.

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