Microsoft Office not responding


Problem definition:

Microsoft Office is a very most popular office suite which has a collection of applications used to create and carry your digital information in the form of documents, spread sheets, presentations, emails etc.

Microsoft Office not responding:

Sometimes it is noticed that Microsoft Office 2010 becomes unresponsive and this leads to an unexpected program termination. In this case you may lose the unsaved data. Even after restarting any of the Microsoft Office application (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.) will available for few seconds and becomes unresponsive forever. In this article we will see how to solve Microsoft office not responding problem.

Platform: Windows

What is the Error?

Microsoft Office applications such as word, excel, outlook suddenly becomes unresponsive when we open any document files associated to it. The application will work for few seconds or a minute and becomes unresponsive. The mouse pointer changed to hour glass and remains till the application force exit from task manager.

Microsoft Office not responding


Currently, it is not clear root cause for this issue. But, there is the workaround solution which you can try out. The Microsoft office repair tools fix the problem and make your Microsoft Office to work properly. Please follow he below steps to solve this hang issue.

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