.NET Fiddle – A .Net Online Compiler

In my previous articles I have introduced code editors like #Develop, Snippet Compiler for .Net etc. editors that can be installed locally into your system and then run .Net code snippets locally. In this article I am introducing one such .Net editor or compiler which works on any web browser where you can not only run your .Net code, rather you can collaborate and share the code to any of your team, social platform or into your blogs. The .NET Fiddle is an very advanced online compiler or ready coding environment, that allow you to create run and share the code online with out having to install anything locally.

.NET Fiddle

.NET Fiddle – A .Net Online Compiler

The .NET Fiddle offers unique features that are not supported in any online compilers specific to .Net.

  • The .NET Fiddle is restricted to run only .Net family programming languages such as C#, VB.NET and F#
  • It allow to run Scripts, Console based applications, MVC and Nancy project types. It supports NET45 and Roslyn compilers.
  • It supports Database Templates such as SQL Server, SQL Compact, Entity Framework, Northwind Schema, W3Schools Schema.
  • A dedicated sandbox (limit 20MB) provided to demonstrate System.IO file read/write operations.
  • Provided Header directive to inform the compiler on specific configuration. For example, if you want to include NuGet package into your Fiddle, then you must specify @nuget: header directive followed by name of the NuGet package.
  • Supported MVC project type and allowed access to modify the Model, View and Controller that is visible in split windows.
  • It supported NuGet packages import and us the package libraries into your code snippet.
  • Code conversion feature enabled where you are allowed to convert your code from C# to VB.NET or VB.NET to C#. Also you can view IL code.
    .NET Fiddle
  • You can share your code on social media’s such as Facebook, Twitter. Also you can share your code via Email.
    .NET Fiddle
  • You can also embed the code into your blog, sites like stackoverflow where you can post your questions along with code snippet by pasting the “iframe” script. This is one of the great feature, so that we can present the code and allow others to modify and run the code. After sharing the code, the output windows looks like below.
    .NET Fiddle

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