ORACLE Database Connection String in C#

In this article, I have listed C# code snippets of connection string for Oracle Database.

Oracle Database Connection String in C#:

Connection String provide the required information to the driver that tells where to find the default connection information. Optionally, you are allowed to specify attribute=value pairs in the connection string to override the default values stored in the data source.

1. ODBC DSN ConnectionString

2. ODBC – New Microsoft Driver

3. ODBC – Old Microsoft Driver

4. ODBC – Oracle Driver

5. OleDb – Microsoft Driver

6. OleDb – Oracle Driver with Standard Connection

7. OleDb – Oracle Driver with Trusted Connection

8. .NET DataProvider from Microsoft with Standard Connection

9. .NET DataProvider from Microsoft with Trusted Connection

10. .NET DataProvider from Oracle with Standard Connection

11. .NET DataProvider from Oracle with Trusted Connection

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