Performance profiling using NProfiler

NProfiler is one of the fastest and accurate performance profiler that provides rich performance data from desktop and web based applications. NProfiler provides you everything that is needed to optimize your .Net code and offers enhanced usability with more realistic performance data than other commercial tools on the market. Performance profiling using NProfiler enables you to fix a wide range of performance problems.

Performance profiling using NProfiler:

Performance profiling using NProfiler

NProfiler UI requires .NET 4.5. and supports two profiling modes: Sampling and Tracing. Sampling is a lightweight method of performance optimization where it provides very less detailed performance data and during profiling, it does not affect the speed of application execution. The Visual Studio profile only in Sampling mode. On the other side, Tracing provides ability to collect more detailed performance data than Sampling profiler such as hit counts, performance related exception metrics and insights into code that has execution times shorter than the sampling interval.

Performance profiling using NProfiler

    NProfiler tracing line-level, method level timings instrumentation overhead in order to provide extremely realistic performance data. It provides the powerful easy to use features as listed below.

  • NProfiler profiles any .Net applications like .NET executable’s including WPF, Windows Forms and Console applications. ASP.NET applications like MVC or Web Forms, hosted in IIS 7+ or IIS Express. .NET Core desktop and ASP.NET Core web applications. .NET Windows services, Silverlight 4+ and WCF.
  • The profiling window shows graph about CPU usage over Time when application is running. This graph allow you to select the problematic area in the particular time range to display the profiled data only in that time range.
  • The profiler window has the Call Tree and call lists the number of methods were executed in that selected time frame with total time taken to execute that particular method and hit counts. Poor performance stack trace will be auto expanded.
  • The profiler shows the profiled code snippet line by line with performance data.
  • Profiler allowing you to profile not only your own methods. Instead, it also supported profiling .Net framework methods and third party code.
  • You are allowed to save and load profiling details.
  • Inline help.
  • NProfiler provides the detailed tracing mode (instrumentation) with overhead compensation for extremely realistic performance data.
  • Examine the performance of whole processes or single threads and profile child processes.
  • Display times as percentages, seconds, milliseconds or ticks.
  • Supports wide variety of languages such as C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI and F#.
  • Supports .NET 2.0 or later (32-bit and 64-bit).

Download Location:

NProfiler is not a free software but allows 14 Days free trial. NProfiler comes with various licenses such as Individual Developer Licence, Floating License, Student License, Open Source License. You can download NProfiler from its official website.

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