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Code::Blocks development IDE for C, C++ and Fortran

Code::Blocks is a free, open-source cross-platform development IDE for C, C++ and FORTRAN programming. It supports multiple compilers such as GCC, Clang, Visual C++ and many more. Code::Blocks developed using C++ wxWidgets and built using a plugin architecture which expends features by various plugins.Supported Operating systems:Code:Blocks runs on Windows, Linux, Mac

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How to store and use reusable code from Visual Studio tool box

Microsoft Visual Studio provides powerful features helping in rapid code development and make developer productive. In this article introducing one such feature that reduce expensive copy-paste operations when there is a same piece code snippet to be reused in multiple code blocks. Yes, it's about how to store and use reusable

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SharpDevelop open source IDE for .NET

The SharpDevelop is a free IDE for c#, VB.NET and Boo projects. SharpDevelop is an opensource IDE for Microsoft.'s .Net platform. It supports programming languages such as C#, VB.NET. Boo, IronPython, IronRuby and F#. It also supports designers and frameworks such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms, ASP.NET

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