Troubleshooting Visual Studio Errors

Generic trust failure Visual Studio 2010 SP1 installation error

Learn how to solve "Generic Trust Failure" error occurred while installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 (Service Pack 1) in offline mode.

Installation package is not supported error

We often receive an error message when installing any Microsoft Package Installer (.msi) file and the installation could not be continued. In this article learn how to solve this problem.

LoderLock was detected error in Visual Stodio

Learn how Visual Studio error "LoderLock was detected" is solved by making the modification in Visual Studio configuration settings. The error occurred during debugging the .Net application in Visual Studio. It is also observed that user forced to ...

Visual Studio slow intellisense

Many developer has experienced slowness issue with Visual Studio. The IDE gets slowdown and the developer can not even see the typed characters or intellisense instantly on the Visual Studio code editor and few seconds later the IDE becomes not ...