Visual Studio Debugging

How to treat Warning as Error in Visual Studio during build – Part 2

In the previous article, I have explained how to convert all warning messages as error. But some times not all the warning errors have negative impact on the application. In this case we can choose selective warning messages (level3) and inform ...

How to treat Warning as Error in Visual Studio during build

Visual Studio provides configuration settings where you can set warning messages as error. In this case all warning messages treated as errors and this makes developer to fix warning messages to make build successful.

How to Enable Edit and Continue execution in Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio allows code modification and executing the same during run time. But, this option is disabled by default. In this article learn how to enable edit code and Continue execution while debugging in Visual Studio.

How to hide methods from debugger in C# using DebuggerHidden attribute

Attributes provide a powerful method of associating declarative information in C# code. In this article, learn how to use DubuggerHidden attribute which hides methods from debugger in c#.

How to Show output window in Visual Studio during application build activity

Explained through simple configuration change we can show output window in Visual Studio IDE by default whenever application build initiated.