Visual Studio Tips

How to display detailed output of MSBuild in Visual Studio output Window

In this article, I would like to explain about the verbosity levels of logging the build events/results which will be logged in the visual studio output window. Also will see how we can enable and disable the same via Visual Studio configuration ...

Namespace Alias Qualifier in C#

In this article we will go one step further and understand how to make code readable by creating namespace alias qualifier in C#.

Visual Studio C# Code Snippet List

The post Visual Studio 2012 IDE versions have unique coding experience where developer can use the C# code snippet (usually called as short form of the code) typed will insert the common code constructs/fragments.

Visual Studio C# Code Snippets Overview

In this article, learn about one of the powerful feature by visual studio that boost your coding speed. The code snippets (usually called as short form of the code).

Visual Studio IDE Shortcut Keys

Visual Studio IDE shortcuts on Windows platform are listed in this article and try to adopt them regularly.

.NET Core Development Environment Setup

In the previous article, you have learnt the overview of .NET core and its basic characteristics. In this article learn how to setup .NET core environment in order to develop .NET core applications. Setup .NET core environment on Visual Studio ...

How to store and use reusable code from Visual Studio tool box

Learn how to store and use reusable code from Visual Studio tool box that reduce expensive copy-paste operations when there is a same piece code snippet to be reused in multiple code blocks.

Visual Studio slow intellisense

Many developer has experienced slowness issue with Visual Studio. The IDE gets slowdown and the developer can not even see the typed characters or intellisense instantly on the Visual Studio code editor and few seconds later the IDE becomes not ...