TortoiseSVN right-click context menu not displayed


The TortoiseSVN client is a windows shell extension for Apache Subversion (SVN) client. It is simple and most popular as it has a coolest interface to SVN Subversion. Many users faced an annoying problem after instilling the TortoiseSVN. On the Windows explorer context menu (appear on right mouse click), the SVN commands were not displayed. In this article learn how to solve this problem.

Platform: Windows

What is the error?

After installing TortoiseSVN, the SVN commands are not appearing on context menu when you select any folder and right click. The context menu looks as below with out SVN commands.

[TortoiseSVN right-click context menu not displayed] - SVN commands not appearing context menu

Reason 1:

TortoiseSVN is installed on incorrect target Windows platform.

Before you download any utility software, you should always check for the right version of the software which is intended built to support your target operating system platform 32-bit or 64-bit. Suppose assume that you have downloaded TortoiseSVN client software that is built for 32-bit version and installed it on 64-bit windows platform. In this case, the shell extension for the installed software may not work properly and the commands will not be appear in windows explorer context menu. Follow the below steps to solve this problem.


1 Uinstall the current TortoiseSVN client from your computer.
2 Open TortoiseSVN download link and search for the available download options.
3 Download TortoiseSVN that matches your target platform 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and install
4 Reboot your computer once the installation is completed. Upon reboot, you can see that Windows explorer context menu populating TortoiseSVN commands.

Reason 2:

TortoiseSVN client is installed on correct target platform but still SVN commands not appeared on context menu.

This is something unusual behavior. In this case you need to perform the below workaround solution in order to bring the SVN commands on the context menu. The steps provided below is basically does the installation repair. Most of the time the repair installation does the file copy, that are missing in the current installation directory.


1 Run the TortoiseSVN installer. Since the TortoiseSVN client is already installed on your machine, the installer will display the following screen.
[TortoiseSVN right-click context menu not displayed] - Modify, Repair, or Remove installation
2 On the installation screen, select ‘Repair‘ option. By selecting this option, the installer will copy all the missing libraries that are missing or corrupted in current installation directory. Click on Next and follow the installation instruction till the end.
3 Once the installation is completed, reboot the computer system
4 Once the computer is rebooted, right-click on any folder and check the context menu for SVN commands. Now you can see the SVN commands appeared on context menu.
[TortoiseSVN right-click context menu not displayed] - SVN Commands appeared

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