Unable to change the registry key value


Problem definition:

Sometimes Windows do not allow to certain registry values. In this case normally Windows shall throw an error message. Basically, Windows operating system trying to prevent registry modifications in order to protect from external molecules programs and malware which is considered to be harmful.

Platform: Windows

What is the problem?

Unable to change the registry key value:

Windows display following error message while trying to change certain registry key values. In this article, learn how to solve this problem by modifying registry permissions.

Cannot edit Start: Error writing the value’s new contents.

Unable to change the registry key value

Identify the problem:

In Windows each registry item is assigned with permissions such as Full Control, Read and Special Permissions.
The Full Control permission provide full access where user is allowed to change the registry key value. Where as the Read permission provide only read access and user can not allowed to save the changes.


Below are the sequence of steps explained to set or enable the Full Control permission to solve this problem.

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