Module Disk Power On Failed – VMWare error – Solved

Previously I have provided the solution for common VMWare workstation errors encountered during bootup. Here is an another common error “Module Disk Power On Failed” that I have recently encountered and you will find the workaround solution for the same.

Module Disk Power On Failed

I had a VMWare windows 7 operating system image backup that was created some times back and I had copied it to one of the Windows 7 (64bit) machine. Later I installed VMWare workstation player and tried to open my Windows 7 OS image via “Open a Virtual Machine” option on the VMWare Workstation Player. The “Open a Virtual Machine” option opens the file dialog and request for .vmx (VMWare Configuration) file. I have selected the right .vmx file from the VMWare windows 7 OS image and I receive the following error.

Failed to lock the file
Module ‘Disk’ power on failed.
Failed to start the virtual machine.

Module Disk Power On Failed

Further I cleaned up .lck files from the virtual machine directory that are created earlier and tried to start the virtual machine. But still the problem persist and failed to start the virtual machine.


Later I tried many other workaround options and tried to boot the virtual machine and hit the one workaround solution that worked for me.
I just opened the windows explorer, navigated to virtual machine folder where the VMWare windows 7 virtual machine image is located and double clicked on .vmx file. That worked and virtual machine OS boots up and started.

I have not done the further investigation to find the real problem to see why virtual machine is failed to bootup when the .vmx file opened through file open dialog. You can try this workaround solution and leave comment if this this solution is not working. I will update this post with actual solution.

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