Application not found error on DVD drive click

Windows throw an error saying that “Application not found” when trying to access CD drive. It is also observed that LED is stopped blinking and failed to read any CD or DVD. Here is the quick solution that I would suggest you to try before going to opt for new DVD drive.

Application not found error on DVD drive click:

Below error message displayed in Windows when trying to access the DVD drive.

Application not found error displayed when DVD drive accessed

Identify the problem:

After troubleshooting this problem discovered that, the error message displayed because one of the associated registry is corrupted. Sometimes this kind of problems may occurred due to following reasons.

  • Computer virus infection.
  • The Windows registry got corrupted after installing the some third party software.

In such cases, attempting to access the CD or DVD drive, windows pops up a message saying that the application cannot be found. In this case, you would need restore the registry settings for the DVD drive to function properly.


In order to solve this problem registry fix is required. I would suggest you to perform manual registry correction instead of using third party registry tools such as registry repair or any registry cleaning software’s etc.

Open windows Registry Editor

On the Registry Editor screen, navigate to following registry folder


Remove the MountPoint2 key (or rename the MountPoint2 key to some other name E.g. MountPoint2_backup, just for temporary backup).

Close the registry editor and reboot the windows.

Once the windows is rebooted, there will be new key MountPoint2 is created on the system registry (same path mentioned in step 2) and your DVD drive will start working.

Clean up: When DVD RW Drive is working properly, you can delete the temporary backup MountPoint2_backup which you have taken at step 3.

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