Cannot open Eclipse Marketplace

The Eclipse Marketplace provides variety of solutions in the form of plugins for Eclipse Application IDE. The Eclipse community has thousands of third-party plugins readily available for Eclipse installation. For example, plugins such as help in code and run C++, C programming languages etc. Here is the official link for Eclipse Marketplace plugin directory and Eclipse Marketplace Client. But sometimes, Eclipse Marketplace Clients are unable to connect and receive an error like ‘Cannot open Eclipse Marketplace’.

The Eclipse Marketplace can be invoked by navigating to menu Help -> Eclipse Marketplace from Eclipse application IDE.

Cannot open Eclipse Marketplace

Cannot open Eclipse Marketplace:

Eclipse Marketplace Client does not get connected/opened and receives the following error.

Error message:

Cannot open Eclipse marketplace
Cannot install remote marketplace locations: Connection failed
A problem with your internet connection most often causes this. Please check your internet connection and retry.

Cannot complete request to Unable to connect to repository Unable to connect to repository Connection refused: connect
Connection failed

Cannot open Eclipse Marketplace


Let’s see how to solve this problem by enabling the proxy settings of the Eclipse application IDE.

Navigate to menu Windows -> Preferences which open the Preferences window.

On the Preferences window, select General -> Network Connections.

On the Network Connection window, you can see that Active Provider selected is Native. Due to this Proxy entries such as HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS are not enabled. Hence Eclipse Marketplace is not accessible. In order to solve this problem, you would need to change Active Provider to Manual and make sure that HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS are enabled.
Cannot open Eclipse Marketplace

Click on Apply button to save the settings.

Click on OK to close the Preference window and restart the eclipse Application.

Once the Eclipse is restarted, then Eclipse Marketplace is connected and ready for your use.

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  1. I've done the above changes, unable to access Eclipse market place

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