How to connect VGA monitor with HDMI out

In this article learn how to connect VGA monitor from HDMI output port using HDMI to VGA adaptor.

How to connect VGA monitor with HDMI out:

You can connect VGA monitor using HDMI to VGA connector just looks as below. There are many brands available on online stores like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart etc.

HDMI to VGA adaptor

HDMI to VGA Adaptor in Amazon:

Below are the list of HDMI to VGA adaptor currently available in Amazon.

Rs. 499
Rs. 1,299
2 new from Rs. 470
Free shipping
Rs. 429
15 new from Rs. 331
Free shipping
Rs. 400
1 new from Rs. 400
Free shipping
Rs. 1,699
1 new from Rs. 1,699
Free shipping
Rs. 399
3 new from Rs. 399
Free shipping
Rs. 425
Rs. 700
1 new from Rs. 425
Free shipping
Rs. 392
9 new from Rs. 313
Free shipping
Rs. 499
1 new from Rs. 499
Free shipping
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