Hardware Identity software tool

Every hardware describe themselves to an operating system by its own driver software. The driver software is an interface between the operating system and the hardware. Usually, the hardware vendor is responsible for providing driver software and the hardware part, and the installer is distributed via CD/DVD and the download link vendor’s website. For some hardware, the driver software is inbuilt, which means it comes with the OS installation.

Hardware Identity software tool:

In some exceptional cases, suppose that you have purchased a new hardware device. However, the software driver is not known to you or maybe available with some third-party vendors (multiple Vendors). In this case, it isn’t easy to finalize the driver software provided by a third-party software Vendor that is compatible with your hardware device. Searching for compatible or matching device driver software is a tedious job, and sometimes it is risky. You may end up searching for compatible software on the internet, downloaded and installed. In some cases, it works pretty smoothly. However, suppose if it is found incompatible, then anyway, the hardware will not work, and there is a high chance of damage or may corrupt your operating system, which is quite risky.

In such situations, you should have a sound knowledge of the list of compatible device drivers available in the market. Or else, you would need intelligent utility software which helps you to identify and suggest the compatible driver software for your hardware device. In this article, I will introduce a system tool that makes your life easier.

Hardware Identity software tool:

The hardware identity tool is an innovative and lightweight system software tool. The Hardware Identity tool is the free software tool that lists all hardware devices attached to your computer and associated installed driver software. Using this software, you can quickly identify missing device driver software on your computer. Also, the tool suggests the compatible driver software which you are looking for.

Hardware Identity tool

The Hardware Identity tool displays detailed information related to every single hardware devices such as Name of the hardware, the Vendor or Manufacturer of the hardware, the Error Code with respect to an error persist at present on the hardware device, the Class to which the hardware belongs to a certain category, the Driver Version is the version number of the installed software driver and the unique Hardware ID. This tool also lists the hardware for which no driver software is installed and hardware with problems.

Device Lookup screen in Hardware Identity software tool:

Clicking on each hardware item in the main screen hardware list, the device Lookup screen appears which in turn display the possible match and best possible match of software drivers for the selected Hardware ID.

Hardware Identity tool

The device Lookup screen show following important details as below:

  1. List all possible and best possible match of available driver software’s for the selected Hardware ID in different color texts.
  2. There is a button ‘Search Google For Drivers’ allow you the search software drivers in google search pages.
  3. The right click context menu allow you search driver software in Google search pages by Name or by Hardware ID.
  4. The right click context menu also allow you to copy the details of selected driver software.

Hardware Identity driver software list database update:

Further you can also help improve the Hardware Identity tool by clicking on Improve Database button. By doing this, your computer hardware and driver software details get uploaded to the developer database. Also, don’t forget to update your Hardware Identity database when you see database updates available notification at the bottom. The database update will copy all newly found hardware and software driver lists into the Hardware Identity tool local database. The update can be installed by clicking on Update button.

Hardware Identity tool

Hardware Identity tool download location:

You can download Hardware Identity tool from the official website.and it’s free.

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