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Blue screen of death (BSOD) is the terminology used when Windows crash appeared with blue screen. Typically, the blue screen crash occurred when Microsoft Windows encounter a critical error at kernel level and failed to recover from it. The general cause of blue screen crash is due to crash in the hardware driver or low level software running at Windows kernel.

Whenever blue screen error occurred, Windows generate the minidump (.dmp) files. These files contain the crash details of the suspected driver. These files may require for further crash analysis or investigation to see which device driver or kernel level module failed in Windows. The default store location of minidump file is C:\windows\minidump You can also set the preferred target location to store the minidump files. There are diagnostics tools are also available to read minidump files and expose the crash information for further crash investigation.

Blue screen error is not predictable when it is going to happen. There will be no prior indication to the user from the Windows operating system. If it happens, then You will lose your unsaved data. Your frustration level reached limitlessly, and you expected to have some mechanism that avoids unwanted computer reboot on the windows blue screen crash.

What is blue screen error on Windows?

How to read blue screen of death minidump files

Further, Windows just safely reboot the computer by default to avoid spreading further damages.

How to prevent reboot when Blue screen error? | BOSD

Platform: Windows

The configuration parameters related to system failure, such as write event log, automatic restart, write debugging information, and the target dump directory, are configured in Windows Startup and Recovery. Since it is configurable, it is possible to avoid automatic computer reboot when a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH error occurred (BOSD). Follow the below steps to prevent a restart.

It is not recommended to disable the computer reboot when there is a blue screen error. Possibly it may damage your computer or file system.

Open the System Properties window by navigating to
Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced System Settings

In the Systems Properties window, switch to Advanced tab and select Settings button under Startup and Recovery group.

avoid computer reboot when blue screen error

In the Startup and Recovery window, un-check Automatically restart check box option under System failure group

avoid computer reboot when blue screen error

In the Startup and Recovery window, click on OK button the save the changes. That’s it, now on words  your computer never get restarted when there is a blue screen error.

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