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LINQPad is one of the very useful tool for .NET developer to test any C#/F#/VB code snippet or program instantly. Using LYNCPad they can query databases in LINQ or SQL, AZURE, ORACLE, SQLite, Postgres and MYSQL. The LYNQPad provides a rich output formatting, optional auto-completion and integrated debugging environment. Provides flexibility to write automation scripts. It’s super lightweight where it’s a single 20MB executable.

The tool has a built-in debugger and autocomplete features and is a perfect platform for prototyping with instant feedback. LINQPad includes an optimized engine to build typed data contexts on the fly and includes drivers and formatters. LINQPad supports all the LINQ APIs in the .NET Framework, including LINQ to XML, PLINQ, Entity Framework, and LINQ to SQL.

Is LYNQPad is Free?

Yes, LYNQPad is free. However, there are additional features available in the premium version.

What are the features available in LYNQPad free version?

  • Run LINQ queries – or any C#/VB/F# expression/program.
  • Results to rich text or data grids.
  • Automatic translation to SQL, fluent-lambda and IL
  • Reference your own assemblies, plus the entire .NET Framework/Core.
  • Use custom extensions, visualizers and data source providers.

What are the features available in LYNQPad premium version?

  • Full C#/F#/VB autocompletion and tooltips.
  • Smart tags for importing additional namespaces/references (C#/VB).
  • Code outlining and auto-formatting (C#/VB).
  • Rename symbol, go to definition and find references (C#/VB).
  • Built-in and custom code snippets.
  • Cross-database querying for SQL Server.
  • Directly edit database tables in grids and save changes back to database.
  • Full NuGet integration.
  • Override method completion, abstract class and interface implementation.
  • Integrated debugger, with call stack, threads, local variables/watch windows, breakpoints and single-stepping.

LYNQPad download location:

LYNQPad can be downloaded from it official website. Here is the download link. download link.

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