Microsoft Office not responding

Microsoft Office is a very most popular office suite which has a collection of applications used to create and carry your digital information in the form of documents, spread sheets, presentations, emails etc.

Microsoft Office not responding:

Sometimes it is noticed that Microsoft Office 2010 becomes unresponsive, and this leads to unexpected program termination. In this case, you may lose the unsaved data. Even after restarting any of the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) will be available for few seconds and becomes unresponsive forever. In this article, we will see how to solve the Microsoft office not responding problem.

Platform: Windows

What is the Error?

Microsoft Office applications such as word, excel, outlook suddenly becomes unresponsive when we open any document files associated with it. The application will work for few seconds or a minute and becomes unresponsive. The mouse pointer changed to the hourglass and remained till the application force exit from the task manager.

Microsoft Office not responding


Currently, it is not clear the root cause for this issue. But, there is a workaround solution that you can try out. The Microsoft office repair tools fix the problem and make your Microsoft Office work properly. Please follow the below steps to solve this hanging issue.

Navigate to Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features.

On the Programs and Features screen, search for Microsoft Office Application from the installed programs list and click on the Çhange button.
Microsoft Office not responding

Once you click on Change button, Microsoft Setup screen displayed. Select the Repair option and click on Continue button.

Microsoft Office not responding

After clicking on the Continue button, the Microsoft Office installer starts repairing the installed Microsoft Office applications. It may take few minutes, depending on your computer performance and network speed. Open the Microsoft Word application and test when the repair is done. Microsoft Word will usually work.

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