Open Source Bug tracking tools

Software testing is one of the very most important phase of software development life cycle. At this stage, a beta version of the software product will be release for testing and the test engineers are responsible for validating the product with respect to customer proposed or committed requirements.

Open Source Bug tracking tools:

During testing phase, test engineers inspect the software by validating the requirements and work flow, installation and performance measurements and many other defined test parameters that helps to certify the software to the next level. In parallel to development activity, the test team also responsible for preparing the test cases for the defined requirements. Once the version of the software build released to the testing team, each test engineer run these tests systematically and find the defects. The Bug Tracking System/software/tool, that helps project team to log, track and monitor the defects observed during software testing.

Open Source Bug tracking tools list:

This article aims to list out available Open Source Bug tracking tools and software’s for software team to track and manage the defects and development tasks effectively.

BugTracker.NetBugTracker.Net is web based bug/defect tracking system, developed using .Net and data stored in Microsoft SQL Server. Features includes highly configurable, email integration, powerful search, screen capture utility, email notifications, reports, phone integration and many more.Windows
BugzillaBugZilla is the popular open-source bug tracking software used by most of the organizations. Features include optimized database structure, excellent securiety, advanced query tool, integrated email capabilities and more. The Key benefits using bugzilla improves productivity, communication, product quality, ensure accountability and more.
FlysprayFlyspray describe itself as lightweight, web tracking system. It is lightweight because it reduce the complexity involved using other bug tracking tools and keep it simple to use. Written in PHP and support multiple databases MySQL and PostgreSQL.OS-independent
ManitsBTManitsBT is also one of the popular open-source issue tracker which combines both simplicity and power. Features includes email notifications, great flexibility to customize issue fields and many more. Written in PHP and uses MySQL database.Windows

Open Source license:

All open source software projects and code is available for free under open source license. Please make sure that you are aware of opens source licensing related information, terms of use and different policies associated to it before you download and use the open source software.

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