Reverse string using Stack

Program to reverse String using Stack 


/* Set maximum number of charecters */
#define MAX 100	

/* Stack variables  */
int top=-1;
int item;

/* String array variable to store string char*/
char stack_string[MAX];

/* Function to push character */
void pushChar(char item);

/* Function to pop character */
char popChar(void);

/* Function to check whether stack is empty or not */
int isEmpty(void);

/* Function to check whwther stack is full or not */
int isFull(void);
int main()
    char str[MAX];
    int i;
    /* Read any string with spaces */
    printf("Enter the string to reverse: ");

Check and run the program here:

You can run the above program on codeboard editor and see the results. You are allowed to modify code and run. In the editor there is a menu at the top-right corner. Here you can see two buttons such as ‘Compile’ and ‘Run’.

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