TOP 10 Best Selling Laptops for all purposes

Laptops are become one of the most necessary gadgets in this decade. Even though many smartphones are now capable of covering for many laptop utilities, laptops are still a necessity for students, corporates, gamers and other user types.

TOP 10 Best Selling Laptops for all purposes:

Knowing your requirement is a key first step to buy any laptop. Laptops come in many configurations, models, manufacturers, categories and more that can make choosing a laptop quite a painful process.

Laptops for Student:

Generation i3 processor is enough for students with minimum 4GB RAM. Hard disk size based on usage by considering media files such as music and video. The main purpose will be for a student to use the laptop is for browse internet for blogs and articles related to their study, attending online webinars and classes, lab assignments, preparing reports and presentations and learning programming.

Laptops for Corporate Business:

Generation i3 to i5 processor is enough for corporate business people with minimum 4GB RAM. Hard disk size based on usage by considering media files and documents file. This configuration is enough to run any business related software.

Laptops for IT Professional and Software Developer:

Generation i5 to i7 processor, 8GB to 16GB RAM, 500GB to 1TB size of hard disk is minimum required configuration for IT developers and programmers. The additional graphic card is required for the graphic developer to load heavy graphic media files.

Where to buy Laptops?

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