Visual Studio IDE Shortcut Keys

In this article, you will find the list of Visual Studio IDE shortcuts on Windows platform.

Ctrl + Shift + P Open Command Palette
Ctrl +  , Open app settings
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + S Display keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + X Switch to Extensions pane
Ctrl + N New file
Ctrl + Shift + N New window
Ctrl + F4 Close file
Ctrl + Shift + W Close window
F11 Toggle Full Screen mode
Ctrl + B Toggle sidebar visibility

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File Management:

Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + S Save file
Ctrl + Shift + S Save as…
Ctrl + K, S Save all files
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + W Close all
Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen last closed

Editing Commands:

Ctrl + C Copy selection or current line
Ctrl + X Cut selection or current line
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Shift + K Delete line
Home Go to beginning of line
End Go to end of line
Ctrl + Home Go to beginning of file
Ctrl + End Go to end of file
Alt + Up / Down Move line up or down
Ctrl + ] Indent line
Ctrl + [ Outdent line
Ctrl + / Comment out line
Shift + Alt + A Comment out region


Ctrl + Shift + [ Fold region
Ctrl + Shift + ] Unfold region
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + [ Fold all subregions
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + ] Unfold all subregions
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + 0 Fold all regions
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + J Unfold all regions

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Editor Navigation

Ctrl + P Go to file
Ctrl + G Go to line
Ctrl + T Show all symbols
Ctrl + Shift + O Go to symbol
F8 Go to next error or warning
Shift + F8 Go to previous error or warning
Ctrl + Shift + M Show Problems panel
Alt + Left Go back
Alt + Right Go forward

Find and Replace:

Ctrl + F Open Find dialog
Ctrl + H Open Replace dialog
Ctrl + Shift + H Replace in files
F3 Find next
Shift + F3 Find previous
Alt + Enter Select all matches for search term
Ctrl + D Add current selection to Find match
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D Move previous selection to next Find match

Selection and Multiple Cursors:

Ctrl + L Select current line
Ctrl + Shift + L Select all instances of current selection
Ctrl + F2 Select all matches of current word
Shift + Alt + Right Arrow Expand selection
Shift + Alt + Left Arrow Shrink selection
Alt + Click Insert cursor
Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow / Down Arrow Insert cursor above or below current line
Ctrl + U Undo last cursor
Shift + Alt + I Insert cursor at the end of each selected line

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Split Editor Management:

Ctrl + \ Split editor
Ctrl + 1 / 2 / 3 Focus on editor pane 1, 2, or 3
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + Right Arrow / Left Arrow Focus on next / previous editor pane
Ctrl + Shift + PgUp Move editor left
Ctrl + Shift + PgDown Move editor right

Integrated Terminal:

Ctrl + \` Show integrated terminal
Ctrl + Shift + \` Create new terminal instance
Ctrl + Up Arrow / Down Arrow Scroll up / down
Ctrl + Home / End Scroll to top / bottom

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