Visual Studio slow intellisense

Many of us experienced Visual Studio becomes unresponsive when we are do coding. The Visual Studio IDE gets slowdown to the extent where developer cannot even see the typed characters or intellisense instantly on the code editor window. After few seconds the IDE gets hang.

Platform: Windows

Visual Studio slow intellisense:

Typically, You may try rebooting the Visual Studio IDE several times, thinking that it will help release memory or cache. You may also try deleting temporary files from the %temp% folder and so on. If nothing worked out, then you finally end up rebooting your computer. Later after some time, you will observe the same behavior where Visual Studio again becomes unresponsive when you type any text on the code editor. In this article, let’s see how to solve Visual Studio’s slow IntelliSense problem.


The Visual Studio slow IntelliSense is the ideal problem with the early version of Visual Studio IDE 2005 and 2008. This happens when the.NCB file gets corrupted. The NCB is a file extension for a database file used with Microsoft Visual Studio. The term NCB stands for Non-Compiled Browse file, which contains information about symbols used in a C++ program and user-defined classes.

Microsoft Visual Studio allows code auto-completion with the help of IntelliSense. The Intellisense refers to NCB files. An NCB file also includes information that ClassView uses, and the WizardBar are components of Microsoft Visual Studio. Suppose if the NCB file gets corrupted, then Visual Studio failed to load the IntelliSense. In this case, the user will experience slowness.


To solve the Visual studio slow IntelliSense problem, you can execute the below workaround solution.

If the Visual Studio IDE is opened, then Close it.

Open file explorer window. Navigate to your Visual Studio project folder where your solution .sln file is located.

You can find the .ncb file in the same folder, which has the same name as your project solution file name. Once you have located it, delete the .ncb file.

Open your Visual Studio project in Visual Studio IDE and check the IntelliSense on code editor will be working as expected.

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