VMware authorization service failed to start [solved]

The error “VMware authorization service failed to start” is one of the common error which is being thrown by VMWare Workstation. In this article, I will show you how to solve this problem by simple steps.

VMware authorization service failed to start:

Here is the complete error message displayed by the VMWare workstation.
“VMware workstation can not connect to the virtual machine. You must ensure that you have the necessary rights to run the program, access all directories that the program uses, and access all the directories for temporary files. The VMware authorization service is not running”.
You can resolve this issue based on the current system configurations and accessibility criteria.

You can resolve this issue based on the current system configurations and accessibility criteria.

Solution 1:

This error might occur if the application does not have enough privileges to call and open the Authorization services. In general, The User Account Control (UAC) can be responsible for blocking the application from reaching the Authorization Service. In this case, you can solve this issue by running the VMWare workstation application with administrator mode.
Follow the below steps to solve this issue by configuring the VMWare workstation startup to run into administrator mode.

1. Right-click on the VMware Workstation shortcut (or the main executable and choose Properties).
2. Inside the Properties window of VMware workstation, select the Compatibility tab.
3. In the Compatibility window, see “Run this program as an administrator” and select this option.
4. Click Apply to Save the changes.

Now, Double-click on the VMWare shortcut or executable that you’ve just modified and checked if you can launch a VMWare virtual machine without encountering the “VMware Authorization Service is not running” error.

Solution 2:

Sometimes this issue can occur if the VMware authorization service is stopped. In this case, starting the service itself resolve the issue very quickly. Follow the below steps to fix this issue by starting with the VMWare authorization service.

1. Press “Windows Key+R” in your computer to open the Run dialog box. Type “services.msc” here and hit “Enter’. This will open the Services window.

VMware authorization service failed to start

2. Find the service named “VMware authorization service” from the service list. On the service name is located by you, check whether the service is running or not. If this service is not running, then you need to start this service.

VMware authorization service failed to start

3. Once service is started successfully, you can go back to the VMWare workstation application and try to boot the OS image. The OS will boot now without any errors.

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