[Solved] Windows Explorer Context Menu Not Displayed

Windows Context Menu Not Displayed | Windows Context Menu Not Showing

Right-click is the most convenient way to make choices from a Context menu. Right click on the desktop as well as in Windows Explorer / Start Menu just to open a drop down list of all possible actions related to the object that you’ve right-clicked. However, when this option fails to work, it can be really annoying.

Sometimes the mouse right-click command may stop working in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This problem usually happens when you have installed some new programs, which may interfere with Windows handles pop-up menus. Or, it may be due to security settings applied by your sysadmin to prevent the directory or IO access. In this article, learn how to fix this problem in windows 7/8/8.1 and 10.

Solution 1:

Edit Group Policy configuration setting to enable Enable Windows Explorer’s Context Menu.

1. Open Run window and enter gpedit.msc to open the Group Policy editor.
2. In the Group Policy editor window, navigate to below path.
User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> File Explorer

3. Now check for the setting Remove File Explorer’s default context menu and its configured value. If the value is configured as Enabled, then it’s quite possible that the right context menu popup is disabled. You need to edit this configuration as disabled to enable the context menu in Windows Explorer.

4. Double click on the setting Remove File Explorer’s default context menu to open the Configuration window. Select the option Disabled. Click on OK to save the setting.

5. Reboot your computer. Once your computer is rebooted, check whether right click context menu is visible or not.

Solution 2:

In any case, Group Policy editor is disabled or unable to access the Group Policy settings, you can manually edit the registry key to enable the windows explorer context menu.

1. Open Run window and enter regedit to open Registry editor.

2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer registry path.

3. Find the Key NoViewContextMenu and set the value to 0. This will enable the context menu in explorer.

4. If this key NoViewContextMenu does not exist, then create the key manually (You may have to use the shortcut keys, in case the registry editor context menu is disabled). Make sure that you create the key of type DWORD. Once the key is created, set the value to 0.

5. Restart the computer to take effect.

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